Wonder Years are Bas van de Poel x Daan van Dam.
A multiple disciplinary creative team focused on creating pop culture-changing work. Getting high
on experiments and collabos.
Wonder Years are Bas van de Poel x Daan van Dam. A multiple disciplinary creative team focused on creating pop culture-changing work.
In The Name Of Orange

Role: Concept / Art-Direction
Press: VoetbalZone, AD, NOS

To launch the Dutch National Team kit, Holland played the friendly against France ‘in the name of Orange’, wearing no names on the back. This stunt got Nike major press coverage. The ‘in naam van Oranje’-battle cry also appeared on pitches and playgrounds where National players fell in love with the game and future talent is in the making.


Forget Instagram filters. Converse Photo Clash transforms your photos into pieces of art by letting artists clash with them – using the All Star Chuck ’70 color palette. People could get their shot of color via Twitter or using the photo booth at the event. Different Photo Clashes are to be held throughout Europe.


Role: Concept / Design / Photography
Press: Cool Hunter, Designboom, CreativeReview
Legal: Disclaimer

The ‘Become A Legend’-shirt unites Dutch football fans with the National team. After its release the Internet went nuts. This resulted in numerous publications in national and international newspapers, magazines, books and television shows.


Role: Concept / Art-Direction
Director: Johan Kramer

Fox Sports ‘Total Football’ is an ode to Dutch football culture and the emotions engendered by the game across generations, from the young boy who has plastered his bedroom with football posters, to the amateur Sunday league player and Eredivisie legends.


Role: Concept / Design / Hacking
Press: TechCrunch, Creativity, Laughing Squid

In an attempt to score a job at a leading ad agency we hacked the followers lists of Tweet-happy creative directors. The effort resulted in a job at award-winning agency Boondoggle.


Role: Concept / Design / Curation
Artists: Helmut Smits, Niessen & De Vries

The Unfortunately Small Gallery is a contemporary art space located in the heart of Amsterdam. Being 2.3m2, the gallery is indeed a bit small. All exhibiting artists are encouraged to experiment with these rather unusual conditions.


Role: Concept / Design
Press: The Next Web, Digital Buzz, Bright
Legal: Disclaimer

LEGO® BrainBricks merges psychical and digital play. Tiny sensors enable the BrainBricks to sense their configuration with one another and transmit it wirelessly to any mobile device. This allows you to bring your actual LEGO® creations to life within a digital gaming experience.


Role: Concept / Art-Direction
Press: Creativity, Adverblog, Digital Buzz

To prove the speed of Vodafone’s mobile broadband network, 28.800 Facebook members were invited to race against Lewis Hamilton. The actual race took place at Schiphol Airport and was broadcasted live on RTL GP and Facebook.


Role: Concept / Art-Direction / Photography

Exploration of Alienation studies to which extent the material of objects relate to their identities. If object x and object y share the same characteristics, are they one and the same thing?